Social Media Management ESSEX

High Impact
Digital Marketing

We help boost your brand and achieve your business goals through creative, well thought out solutions.

Bespoke Social Media Management

Driving engagement,
loyalty and growth

DC Digital offers a personal service. Our staff will visit your company to learn about what you do, how you operate and the type of image you would like to portray on social media.

The next step is content creation. This entails high-end video and photography production at your office premises or at multi locations of your choice. For example, an estate agent may require photos/videos of staff working at their office, talking to clients, but also images/drone videos of houses.

Finally, DC Digital compiles, edits and produces content for your social media channels. This is published an agreed number of times per week.
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We get your the business maximum exposure that it needs through target marketing to laser focus on the right audience.
About us
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